Our History

Nick Cianci, President

 For over a decade, Nick Cianci toiled within the confines of the financial services industry, working to meet the needs of his growing client base while constantly searching for answers to an ever-increasing list of employer challenges.  An astute student of the industry, Nick came to the realization that it was indeed possible to offer a competitive array of employee benefit options which would satisfy the budgetary concerns of the employer while simultaneously meeting the wants and needs of a dynamic workforce.

Compass Total Benefit Solutions was founded in 2012 at the request of the American Health Care Association. With a desire to help their members navigate the Affordable Care Act, Compass began analysis and consulting with regard to potential challenges.  After data gathering for over two years, Compass helped the AHCA form an insurance agency of their own to help members with the costs of employee benefits. Today, the Compass team works with employer groups all over the country and enrolls thousands of employees.

The Compass Difference

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